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Dagne Details (2)October 2, 2008 Comments (31)
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We appreciate the continued interest in Dagne. Here are answers to several more questions folks have raised:

1 – Mechanical Braking: As correctly pointed out, vehicle regulations require a mechanical means to stop the vehicle (“electric motor” brakes are not good enough). Since Dagne has calipers/disk brakes on each wheel, she satisfies this regulation. Regulations do not require, however, that a mechanical connection exist between the driver input and the vehicle actuation (drive-by-wire and “drive-by-fluid” are already becoming the norm in the automotive industry). Dagne has redundant control connections between the joystick and vehicle actuators, similar to commercial aircraft. If any connection/component fails, the driver will retain full control of the vehicle, and will be alerted to the location of the failure for ease of repair.

2 – Joystick Origins: Dagne began as an engineer’s quest to design the ideal vehicle from the standpoint of efficiency, performance, and driving experience, without the restriction of current vehicle convention. The joystick was the natural choice for optimal comfort, ease-of-use, and safety.

3 – Joystick Training: Every Dagne customer will receive a brief training course on how to use the joystick. The course won’t take very long (at least compared to learning to drive a standard transmission) because the operation of the joystick is very intuitive.

4 – The Prototype: Due to budgetary constraints in the current phase of development, the current prototype has a simple lead-acid battery pack and a single rear DC motor, which serve the purpose of proving the concept and providing a test driving experience (primarily to raise funds for the company so we can take the next step in development). The specifications for the production vehicle are based on performance numbers of existing batteries, motors, and power electronics currently available to us, and a detailed computer simulation of vehicle performance which we have verified against existing production vehicles.

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