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Dagne Details (1)September 18, 2008 Comments (14)
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We have received lots of specific questions recently about Dagne. We will try and answer most of them here:

1 – Tire Wear: Dagne’s tires are motorcycle stock, which tend to wear faster than car tires. We will address this issue by offering tires with a range of handling vs. endurance. The net cost-of-ownership for Dagne, including tire replacement and batteries is substantially less than a typical car, particularly because Dagne will last much longer than a typical car without significant servicing due to the low-wear characteristic of the electric drive system, and due to the low recharging/refueling cost.

2 – Joystick Features: Finger control on the joystick will incorporate turn signals, head lights, wipers/washer, and cruise control ON/OFF. The joystick nominal position can be easily adjusted while driving (allowing use of either hand).

3 – Joystick legal issues: There is currently no FMVSS regulation that prevents the use of a joystick in vehicles, neither is there regulation that specifically allows it (except for disabled drivers). Although there is no roadblock for the joystick presently, we in the early stages of lobbying for legislation that specifically allows joysticks in vehicles, based on the safety improvements it provides.

Thank you again for all the contributions, comments, and questions. We look forward to hearing more from you.

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