Revolution Motors is located at:
5208 Kern Drive
Goleta, CA 93111
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PO Box 1290
Goleta, CA 93116
General Inquires: suppor[email protected]evolutionmotors.biz

Ben Werner, CEO

Ben's decision to found MultiMode Technologies and Revolution Motors was motivated by his sense of urgency to create sustainable modes of living as sound alternatives to the unsustainable systems we currently depend on. Ben's greatest passion is in the reweaving of living connections between people, land, and community. His interests include the creation and implementation of land-based community models, local currency systems modeled on ecological principles, sustainable food production and distribution systems, and where appropriate, development, marketing, and sale of novel technology in the form of products and services which support a clear transition to a sustainable lifestyle. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Ben worked as an engineer and project manager for advanced technology research and development in the defense industry.

Eric Sandoz, CTO

Eric has a depth of experience in dynamic systems control, algorithm development, irreverence, welding, CAD, blacksmithing, wood working and hiking, not all of which he has used in managing autonomous vehicle development. Eric’s lifelong interest, nay obsession, with energy efficiency began with the experience of way too many childhood electrical power outages and ultimately led to the development of Dagne. Few systems are as elegant as nature’s ecosystems. They cleanly, efficiently and rigorously account for all waste streams and serve as a template for industrial design, and towards this goal Eric is totally stoked about sustainability! Oh, and his tools are like his children, each new one is welcomed into a loving, nurturing garage.

Stephen R Duffy, VP of Engineering

Steve brings over 30 years of automotive and mechanical system experience to the team, is an unabashed gear head and is as comfortable crawling around a vehicle as operating in a boardroom. Steve has extensive know how and passion in total vehicle design and execution, especially in the much needed arena for highly efficient and eco friendly modes of transport, where system selection, form and process play a major role in the overall performance and cost of ownership. Steve is adamant that vehicles of this class are the wave of the future and offer a thrilling driving experience that will continually put a smile on the face of the operator, no matter the traffic conditions.

Balaji Rengarajan, Automotive Designer

Balaji joined MultiMode with substantial experience in the automotive industry. As an Industrial Designer at TATA Technologies Ltd in Pune, India, he helped develop the NANO (headlined as the world’s most affordable car at $2,500). As a Product Engineer at Bajaj Auto Ltd in Pune, he was responsible for engineering design, development and evaluation of two/four stroke motorcycles in collaboration with KAWASAKI. Mr. Rengarajan holds a Masters Degree in Automotive Design from the School of Art & Design at Coventry University, UK, and a Bachelors Degree in Automobile Engineering from Madras Institute of Technology at Anna University, India.

Rich McLaughlin, Automotive Specialist

Rich’s involvement with MultiMode Technologies has enabled him to combine two interests, a passion for alternative energy vehicles and a 20 year history in the automotive industry. Recently he was a project manager for an electric vehicle company, overseeing the manufacturing and final assembly processes in China and the U.S. His support at home comes from his wife Ellen, daughter Anna Rose, and cat Fluffy.

Paul Tefft, Production Foreman

Paul is a seasoned machinist, technician, businessman, and teacher. His many roles over the course of his professional career have included US Coast Guard Chief Engineer, collaborator in building Top Fuel Dragsters & Bonneville Land Speed Record holders, and welding instructor. Paul founded a welding and machining shop in Santa Barbara which he managed successfully for 10 years, being chiefly responsible for all operations, and buying and selling of machine equipment. Paul is an industrious and inspired inventor, and joined MultiMode while seeking an opportunity to apply his depth of skills to a meaningful project.

Jason Cannon, Market Research & PR

Jason is a life-long student of technology’s role in society. Formally, he recently participated in a NSF study on nanotechnology in the media. Being a wheelchair user for more than 20 years, Jason also knows a thing or two about efficient wheeled transportation. At Revolution Motors, Jason will be working on competition analysis as well as assisting in the development of Dagne’s joystick interface. At home, Jason cultivates an organic garden and races handcycles as a competitive wheelchair athlete.

Natasha Buffo, Marketing & PR.

Natasha recently graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with degrees in Mathematical Sciences and Sociology. While working towards her degrees, Natasha worked with the UCSB Venture Acceleration Initiative (VAI) - an organization designed to support faculty pursuing new ventures. Natasha designed and built the VAI website, configured and managed their business networking databases, and trained new employees on various systems. What truly drove Natasha to VAI, and now Revolution Motors, is her passion for electric vehicle technology. Natasha will support Revolution Motors through applied market research, participation in vehicle design from a consumer perspective, and coordinating PR events.

Ira Sorkin, Lead Assembler

Ira has long been interested in alternate energy sources for everything from homes to passenger vehicles. Ira has worn many hats, from assisting at homeless shelters, to circuit board assembly, to quality control inspection and testing, to computer refurbishing. Ira lives with his wife, who shares his belief that we should always do everything we can to leave the world better than we found it.